Welcome to the student section of PPMBC.

We are offering this preview so that you can get an idea of what this course is about.

Once the course begins, this section of our website will be earmarked exclusively for the students and staff of PPMBC.

Video and audio clips to support the understanding of theory topics and introductions to presentations will form a major part of the content.

We also plan to put up online quizzes and discussions to keep the learning alive throughout the course. Our tutors will ensure the students’ queries get a prompt response through individual and group sessions.

For the present, you will get an introduction to India’s first ever Pre-Primary Montessori Blended Course in this section.

Any classical Montessori teacher education course consists of a number of sessions of theory and psychology lectures. Demonstrations of presentations and practice classes are the major part of the course content. You may be wondering why IIMS is offering this blended course or what would you gain by taking it up. The videos given here will clarify your thoughts.

The rationale behind the course


The coordinator for PPMBC.

Nandini Prakash

I have been with IIMS since its inception and have worked as faculty extensively, both in the Pre-Primary and Primary. My practical experience comes from consultations in various schools, along with reading and research. I gained some knowledge of technology required for this course when we set up the websites for IIMS and for the umbrella organisation, Indian Montessori Association. I have also maintained an egroup, teachingchildren@googlegroups.com, since 2000.

In the last two years, I have been working with CBR Network to create a blended course for the Central University of Karnataka. I am bringing the learning from this work to PPMBC.

The Faculty

You can know more about them in faculty section of our main website.


PPMBC will be supported by the faculty of IIMS, under the guidance of our chairman Rajendra Gupta


PPMBC will be supported by the faculty of IIMS, under the guidance of our chairman Radha Nagaraj